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Evo Terminal is a Smart Intergra Tech's cashless and ticketless innovation that is the first in the world! It is able to be configured to do multiple types of transactions from Parking Payment, Summons Payment, Mobile Top-up and many more. 

Evo Terminal is extremely robust, easy to use, and accepts a wide variety of payment options that enhance the user's experience as it is designed to be  aesthetically pleasing and provides a familiar, easy to  use colour touch display and facilitates contactless  card and smartphone payments.

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Multipurpose Kiosk For All



The Evo Terminal delivers an easy and intuitive experience for any public users. It is configurable to support both: -
• pay-by-plate (parking)
• pay-by-space (parking) 

• any integrated payment features such as Summons, Utilities & Bills,Tax, and more

Via EVO Dashboard, it integrates with any pay by phone application.
As a cashless, ticketless system, operation costs are minimized as there are few moving parts. The need for cash collection is eliminated as is the cost of ticket rolls.


Progressive cities and parking operators who want

to enjoy the benefits of ticketless and cashless  parking payments among other multiple available transactions which is one simple integration away with any third party. Integrated with EVO Dashboard, it supports  automated enforcement and delivers rich, real-time  business intelligence for any transactions made.


A simple user interface so motorist interactions with the machine are intuitive and convenient.

The 7-inch colour touch screen is readable in all light conditions, including in direct sunlight.


Solar-sustainable due to highly optimised software and electronics and solar charged long-life batteries.

4G communications network for all data transfers.

Administrators can easily manage tariffs and configurations across a site using EVO Dashboard.

Provides valuable real-time financial and operational data to enable efficient management of a site.

A future proofed asset. It is designed to allow electronic components to be upgraded at low cost.


Contactless card and smartphone payments are protected by Level 1 PCI DSS and EMVCo certification.

The elegant housing is constructed from robust 304 grade stainless steel which has a 10 year anti corrosion warranty.


Designed and manufactured in Australia, the  Evo Terminal complement any city streetscape and add a minimalist aesthetic design element to the surrounding environment.

Great flexibility, accommodating all known rate combinations, loading zone tickets, resident discount options, configurable free parking intervals, and multi-day purchases

Once unlocked, the door opens to allow technicians to easily remove and replace the head unit. This allows for all maintenance of componentry to occur offsite, ensuring minimal in-field maintenance times, maximum quality and machine uptimes.

The EVO Terminal housing has smooth surfaces that are simple to maintain. With an IK10 rating, it is highly resistant to impacts.

The IP65 rating, ensures that it is highly resistant to both dust and liquids penetrating the machine and causing damage.


>99.5% availability staying in-service longer, collecting more revenue and reduce motorist and enforcement complaints..


Each machine will automatically alert staff, via EVO Dashboard, when maintenance is needed.

EVO Terminal can be installed in more places. It’s easy to install next to walls and in corners as access into the meter for maintenance purposes requires only two sides of the machine to be exposed.

The top section of the EVO Terminal contains modular componentry which is secured by a 304 grade stainless steel double hinged door.


The EVO Terminal benefits from nearly 90 years of parking meter experience and wisdom. The result is an aesthetically pleasing, streamlined design which requires minimal service and maintenance. It contains much few moving parts than previous generations of parking meters reducing the need for both maintenance and spare parts. The sealed, IP65 rated electronics module can be removed and replaced in seconds without any need for special tools or in-field diagnostics. The result is that there are nill consumables costs and the minimal in-field maintenance is performed in seconds plus the requisite testing to ensure full operation of the meter.

EVO Terminal communicate in real time with EVO Dashboard, which notifies field technicians of jobs via their smartphone devices. This ensures that any open alarms and jobs are managed efficiently and effectively.














The Smart Integra Tech's Solutions Comprehensive Maintenance Service covers the following key activities:
• Reactive maintenance
• Regular inspections
• Preventative maintenance
• Programming and tariff changes (changes will be charged separately)
• Management of any battery replacements
• Management of dispatching
• Management of ad-hoc work requests (additional charges will apply)
• WHS management
• Component replacement
• Graffiti removal
• Customer Call Centre services
• Provision of information for the resolution of infringement disputes
• EVO Dashboard hosting and maintenance
• Reporting and client liaison and
• Monthly meetings.


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