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Why you need it!

EVODashboard drives real-time data exchange and workflows between wireless-enabled paid parking equipment, camera and sensor vehicle monitoring, digital signage, field service applications, payment and parking guidance applications, and enforcement software.

EVO Dashboard provides operational staff with real-time parking site information, enabling timely enforcement and timely asset maintenance decisions that optimize efficiencies and revenues from on- and off-street operations. Our Cloud Solutions is the industry standard for an open platform hosted solution facilitating optimal user experience and maximizing parking site efficiency and effectiveness.

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Why you need it?

EVO Dashboard is an integrated parking platform that manages and supports real-time data feeds to and from:

  • Infringement issuance technology

  • Parking meters, pay-by-phone services

  • Vehicle sensors and inground loops

  • Licence plate recognition technology (fixed and mobile)

  • Parking guidance applications and digital signage

  • Field service management solutions

  • Real-time operational and financial dashboards


What EVO Dashboard do for you?


EVO Dashboard facilitates the transmission of all parking related data in real time, which is displayed via a web browser user interface, providing the most comprehensive and transparent view of parking operation performance. EVO Dashboard is level 1 PCI-DSS certified and employs industry standard encryption protocols across all data type and transmissions.

This allows for business intelligence reporting across

all aspects of parking operations, including:

  • Financial audit and reconciliation

  • Financial and operational performance

  • Financial and operational prevision

  • Equipment performance

  • Staff performance

About Dashboard

EVO Dashboard – Intelligent parking for Smart Cities


EVO Dashboard was designed to be user-friendly, enabling clients to self-manage their own portal simply and easily. EVO Dashboard works in every situation, from a single parking machine / sensor / issuance device through to an operation containing thousands of meters / sensors / cameras and many issuance devices, variable pricing schemes and maintenance teams.

As a web application, EVO Dashboard is accessible on any internet-enabled device, available anywhere, anytime.


“When 33% of urban traffic is actively seeking a parking space, intelligent transportation technology is the key to better parking management.”
“The adage that ‘You can’t manage what you can’t measure’ fits parking perfectly.”
– Professor Donald Shoup, Distinguished Research Professor of Urban Planning, UCLA.

SIT’s open platform Dashboard enables authorities to manage and measure every aspect of their parking and enforcement operations, be it a small site that only issues digital infringements, through to a large integrated installation that combines parking machines, vehicle sensors, fixed and mobile LPR cameras, loops, officer handhelds, off-street parking equipment, maintenance and cash collection tasks, online web payments and pay by phone transaction, and digital signage and driver guidance mapping tools.

Each of these devices and applications capture highly accurate parking and traffic related data, which they wirelessly transmit to EVO Dashboard in real-time. EVO Dashboard quickly processes this information, and sends the associated occupancy, guidance and overstay information out to drivers, officers and operational staff, allowing them to make informed and efficient decisions while on the go.

The information from EVO Dashboard helps authorities to optimize their parking and enforcement operations, and introduce strategies to attain an eighty-five per cent parking occupancy rate, the global benchmark for curbside parking. 


​On-street parking will perform more efficiently. If all but one or two spaces are occupied on every block, parking will be well utilised but also readily available.

The transportation system will perform more efficiently. Eliminating drive cruising for on-street parking will mean less congested traffic, less wasted fuel, less polluted air, and less wasted driver time.

The local economy will perform more efficiently. In commercial districts, drivers will park, buy something, and leave promptly, allowing other customers to use the spaces.


Using EVO Dashboard, authorities can implement smart civic management strategies including ‘dynamic pricing’, ‘guided driving’, ‘guided enforcement’ and ‘predictive routing’ to reduce congestion and deliver a better user experience for all.


EVO Dashboard and all the wirelessly enabled in-field parking and enforcement devices create a smart, integrated parking platform. With greater access to real-time data, traffic congestion is reduced, the stress of parking for citizens is eliminated and city pollution is diminished. As EVO Dashboard streamlines parking operations, management benefit from considerable return on investment, increasing the efficiency of employees and therefore reducing costs while generating profits.

If you want to make the most of our intelligent and innovative parking enterprise management system, get in touch with Smart Integra Tech today and download our brochure.

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