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Green Tech

Smart Integra Tech bringing the Evo Green Tech as part of the Total Smart City Solutions component. SIT will be exploring and developing more of the Green Technology in the attempt to create a better world for everyone!

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EV Charging

With major investments from the car industry, increasingly, E-cars will dominate the roads of tomorrow. While this technology can assist in reducing the carbon footprint of cities, the change significantly disrupts existing motorist practices, particularly, how to conveniently recharge a vehicle.
EVO Terminal can be upgraded to provide EV charging capabilities. Smart Integra Tech Sdn Bhd has developed close relationships with leaders in the EV charging sector to ensure that councils are at the leading edge of the emerging technology by making these cars a more practical option for motorists.

EV Charging

Environmental Sensors

With an increasing awareness and demand for cleaner urban spaces, having clear information on environmental conditions is increasingly important for many councils.
Environmental sensors can be installed on Smart Integra Tech's  EVO Terminal to provide accurate, real-time information on air quality, noise, and temperature. This can provide councils with a clear understanding of environmental conditions and can inform development of management strategies for future improvements.

Environmental Sensors
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