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What is on street parking ?

On-street parking refers to available parking spaces for vehicles on a street within a designated area. Many municipalities across Seremban provide on-street parking to the public, which can be within residential or commercial areas. If a paid parking regulation is in place, on-street parking is usually managed and controlled using a combination of parking meters, parking enforcement services, and parking signage that outlines the regulations and instructions for the paid on-street parking area.

Although some on-street parking operations may not have paid policy in place, there will usually be regulations that stipulate certain hours that vehicles can be parked on the road or how long they can park. Such regulations are controlled by the municipality and enforced by parking or bylaw officers.

Ecosystem Diagram

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Quick & Easy Terminal

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NG Meter by Duncan Solutions

Highest level of functionality of a parking meter currently available on the market. This benefits operators all while making the parking process easier for motorists.

  • The meter integrates a 7-inch colour touch screen display;

  • Elegant stainless steel design finish;

  • Easily manageable tariff configurations via the PEMS platform. The PEMS platform also provides operators with real-time financial and operations data.

  • IP65 rating – proving a high level of robustness.

Designed to reduce the operational cost for operators all while maintaining the highest level of functionality. The meter also features a range of environmentally friendly enhancements

  • The meter can be configured to pay by space or pay by plate. The ticketless nature of the meter ensures that costs associated with parking tickets are eliminated.

  • Solar sustainable cells which eliminate the need to connect the meter to mains power.

  • All key components of the meter are stored in the unit head, which is easily detachable.

  • Contactless credit card and pay by phone integration into the meter.

Associated Applications

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TnG EWallet



Parking Management System



On & Off Street Parking, Casual Parking, Season Parking


Real Time Analytic & Predictive Dashboard


Multi & Flexible Parking Rates


Valet Parking


Enforcement & Security


Terminal Management System


Parking Discounts & Promotions


Multi - Tenancy & Locations

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